• HiFi 41453-5R/7R/3R
    (Home Theater Seating - 3-Seat)

    Low-profile yet luxurious and contemporary in style, the Palliser HiFi Home Theater seats will elevate any living room into your new favorite entertainment venue. As your guests relax in beauty and comfort, they will notice the fully supportive lumbar system and extending foot rest. They will graciously thank you when their favorite beverage is placed in your choice of stainless steel or brass cupholder and be pleasantly surprised when you activate the optional blue LED lighted cupholders and baserails for additional visibility. Watch amazed smiles form when you activate the additionally purchased Buttkicker Bass Shaker feature that will add depth and power to any movie or sporting event. Customize your Palliser HiFi Home Theater seats with a wide selection of colors and materials and choose from either stainless steel or wood stained feet. This model has been a favorite for years, and will sure to become the focal point of your home theater.